Cours Le discours indirect

Exercice - Le discours indirect 1


Mettre les phrases suivantes au discourt indirect.

Question 1

Tim : “I need a long holiday.”

Tim said he needed a long holiday.

Question 2

Nancy : “Why does he read so many magazines?”

Nancy asked why he read so many magazines.

Question 3

Lisa : “How long will Aunt Mary stay?”

Lisa asked how long Aunt Mary would stay.

Question 4

Bob : “I can't stand selfish people.”

Bob said he couldn't stand selfish people.

Question 5

Mrs Wilson : “Where are my glasses?”

Mrs Wilson asked where her glasses were.

Question 6

The shopkeeper : “I am going to close.”

The shopkeeper said he was going to close.

Question 7

Laura : “I have forgotten everything about you.”

Laura told me she had forgotten everything about me.

Question 8

The little boy : “I won't go to school!”

The little boy said he wouldn't go to school.

Question 9

My sister : “Do you think I am a liar?”

My sister asked my brother if he thought she was a liar.

Question 10

My boyfriend : “Why don't you phone me once a week?”

My boyfriend asked me why I didn't phone.