Cours Stage - Identités et échanges (CO)

Exercice - Compréhension orale : Slow travel


Ecouter l'extrait audio et répondre aux questions. 

Question 1

What is the concept of slow travel ?

It is a concept of living in a foreign country for a long time to experience the culture and the lifestyle.

Question 2

Where does Dan live ?

He lives in Bali, Indonesia.

Question 3

Why did he choose this place ?

He wanted to change lifestyle and save money.

Question 4

What does the protagonist need to travel ?

All he needeed was money and a backpack.

Question 5

How much money does he need to live in Bali ?

In Bali, people can live for less than a thousand dollars.

Question 6

What kind of housing can people get there for 500 a month ?

They can get a furnished apartment.

Question 7

What is 120 USD a month ?

This is the price of health insurance.

Question 8

What is the most expensive place to go out ?

Going out is more expensive in Bali.