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Exercice - Verbes prépositionnels


Ajoute la préposition appropriée (to - from - of - with - like - on - for).


  • Question 1

    I'm looking forward ... meeting her again.


  • Question 2

    He is very ill, he is suffering ... a rare disease.


  • Question 3

    I am dreaming ... flying to a warmer country and spending hours on a beach!

  • Question 4

    I like them a lot and I hope to hear ... them soon.

  • Question 5

    His job consists ... formulating contractual, financial and logistical transactions.

  • Question 6

    I run out ... time trying to do everything I'd like to do.

  • Question 7

    We have heard ... a pretty little cottage in the Lake District; we'd love to go there.

  • Question 8

    They keep fighting and they never agree ... each other.

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