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Exercice - Who, whose or which


Recopier chaque phrases au brouillon et trouver le pronom relatif correspondant pour chaque phrase. Attention, certaines phrases ne nécessitent pas de pronom.


  • Question 1

    My neighbor is the young man ... you saw in London some days ago.


  • Question 2

    This is the girl ... sings very well.


  • Question 3

    I haven’t see Sofia, ... brother is twelve, for a long time now.

  • Question 4

    Marie is the girl ... I met last Saturday.

  • Question 5

    The robber stole the car ... the young man parked behind the church.

  • Question 6

    This is the girl ... father is a teacher.

  • Question 7

    I see a car ... is very nice.

  • Question 8

    The man ... house is on fire, is my uncle.

  • Question 9

    Can I meet your friend ... is learning Spanish there ?

  • Question 10

    The bag ... my mother offered me and ... colour is black, is great.

  • Question 11

    The dog ... is here is very clever !

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