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Exercice - Adjectifs en -ing ou -ed


Recopier les phrases et ajouter l'adjectif avec la terminaison appropriée : -ing ou -ed.

  • Question 1

    I can't stand this professor anymore, he's so (bored/boring)

  • Question 2

    My colleagues is getting (bored/boring) with her job and is looking for a more (interested/interesting) one.

  • Question 3

    This murder's case will need a very (convinced/convincing) lawyer.

  • Question 4

    Yes, changing the mind of an already (convinced /convincing) jury will be very difficult.

  • Question 5

    I'm really (tired/tiring) of working as a babylawyer.

  • Question 6

    I met Antonin for the first time yesterday and we shared a very (pleased/pleasing) conversation.

  • Question 7

    The film was nothing to get (excited/exciting) about, nothing happened!

  • Question 8

    I don't agree with you, there were many (exciting/excited) scenes !

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