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Exercice - Ways of learning


Look at these two pictures and answer the questions. 

Before starting, take a look at this vocabulary list:

Technology – learning – education – laptops – smartphones – information – study – search engine – touchscreen – social media – download – websites – to surf the web – Wi-Fi hotspots.

Try using some of these words in your answers.



  • Question 1

    What is the topic of the two images? Explain.

  • Question 2

    Compare and contrast the two pictures. What do they have in common? What are the differences?

  • Question 3

    Do you think technology has changed the way we learn? In which ways? Write two paragraphs.

  • Question 4

    Do you believe there could be negative effects in the use of technology in classrooms? Which ones?

  • Question 5

     In your opinion, should teachers encourage the use of technology to learn?

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