Cours Le present perfect

Exercice - Present perfect


Compléter et traduire les phrases suivantes.

Question 1

My neighbour has (to buy / just) a new car. 

My cousins (not to decide) where to go on holiday, perhaps in England.

My neighbour has just bought a new car.  => Mon voisin vient d'acheter une nouvelle voiture.

My cousins haven't decided where to go on holiday, perhaps in England. => Mes cousins n'ont pas décidé où aller en vacances, peut-être en Angleterre.

Question 2

Alex (to go) to the cinema with his girlfriend. 

I (to see) 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly': I like it. 

Alex has gone to the cinema with his girlfriend. => Alex est allé au cinéma avec sa petite amie.

I have seen 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly': I like it. => J'ai vu 'Le Bon, la Brute et le Truand' ; je l'aime bien.

Question 3

(to be / you / ever) to France ? 

Julien (to meet / just) his friend. 

Have you ever been to France ? => Es-tu déjà allé en France ?

Julien has just met his friend. => Julien vient de rencontrer son ami.

Question 4

Recently, we (to have) many parties with our friends. 

What (to do / you) during the holidays? 

Recently, we have had many parties with our friends. => Il y a peu de temps, nous avons fait beaucoup de fêtes avec nos amis. 

What have you done during the holidays? => Qu'as-tu fait pendant les vacances ?

Question 5

He (never/ to work).

(finish / already / you)?

He has never worked. => Il n'a jamais travaillé.

Have you already finished? => As-tu déjà fini ?