Cours Stage - Le comparatif

Exercice - Comparatif


Recopier chaque phrase au brouillon et utiliser le bon comparatif.


Question 1

This book is (+ interesting) than yours.


This book is more interesting than yours.

Question 2

The weather today is (+ bad) than yesterday.


The weather today is worse than yesterday.

Question 3


John is (+ tall) than his sisters.


John is taller than his sisters.

Question 4


This house is (+ expensive) than his flat.


This house is more expensive than his flat.

Question 5

This rose smells (= sweet) yours.


This rose smells as sweet as yours.

Question 6

The suitcase is (+heavy) than the bag.


The suitcase is heavier than the bag.

Question 7


That car is (- expensive) than a Rolls-Roy.


That car is less expensive than a Rolls-Roy.

Question 8


He is (+ happy) than my dog.


He is happier than my dog.

Question 9


He is (= tall) his mother.


He is as tall as his mother.

Question 10


The weather is (- cold) than today.


The weather is less cold than today.

Question 11


Tom's exercise is (- difficult) than Ben's.


Tom's exercise is less difficult than Ben's.

Question 12


This hotel is (+ comfortable) than the other one.


This hotel is more comfortable than the other one.

Question 13


English grammar is (+ easy) than french grammar.


English grammar is easier than french grammar.

Question 14


Roméo is (= clever) Juliet.


Roméo is as clever as Juliet.

Question 15


The TGV is (+ good) than my english.


The TGV is better than my english.

Question 16


The USA is (+ big) than Europe.


The USA is bigger than Europe.