Cours Still ou yet

Exercice - Still and yet


Put the words in the correct order to form a sentence. Then add "still" or "yet" in the right place.

Question 1

Thinks/In love with Carl/Fiona/She's

Still or yet?

Fiona thinks she's still in love with Carl.

Question 2

Ready/Not/I'm/To take this test.

Still or yet?

I'm not ready to take this test yet.

Question 3

They/Their car keys/Haven't found

Still or yet?

They still haven't found their car keys.

They haven't found their car keys yet.

There are two possible answers in this case.

Question 4

You/Take/Do/Singing lessons?

Still or yet?

Do you still take singing lessons?

Question 5


Still or yet?

Is Hannah here yet?

Is Hannah still here?

"Is Hannah here yet?" means we're not sure if she has arrived.

"Is Hannah still here?" means we know she was there but we think she might have left.

There are two possible answers in this case.

Question 6

Some eggs left/Are/There 

Still or yet?

There are still some eggs left.

Question 7

I/Reading this book/Haven't finished

Still or yet?

I haven't finished reading this book yet.

I still haven't finished reading this book.

There are two possible answers in this case.

Question 8

Dry/My umbrella/Isn't 

Still or yet?

My umbrella isn't dry yet.