Cours Stage - La concession ; le discours indirect

Exercice - Le discours indirect


Réécrire au brouillon les phrases suivantes au discourt indirect.

Question 1

"I have a toothache."

He said that he had a toothache.

Question 2

"I will open the window."

He said that he would open the window.

Question 3

"She has gone on holiday." 

He said that she had gone on holiday.

Question 4

"Go away!", he said to me. 

He told me to go away.

Question 5

"Where is my hat?", he asked me.

He asked me where his hat was.

Question 6

"We're going to the cinema." 

He said that they were going to the cinema.

Question 7

"You have to do your best", he said to us. 

He said that we had to do our best.

Question 8

"Who will you tell?", he asked me. 

He asked me who I would tell.

Question 9

"They should go to the police." 

He said that they should go to the police.

Question 10

"I don't know." 

He said that he didn't know.