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Exercice - Comparatif de supériorité


Repérer tous les comparatifs de supériorité dans le texte et les écrire au brouillon.


  • Question 1

    We have three lovely grand-childrens. The older is a boy called Adrian. He’s 14. He’s very good at school. He gets better marks than his brother, Tim. But Tim is more hard-working and I think he’ll end up by being as good as Adrian, and maybe better, who know ?!

    The younger is a girl : Paula. She’s only 7 but she’s more talkative than her two brothers ! In fact, she’s the most talkative in the family ! She’ll probably be a lawyer later ! Anyway, we love all three of them. They are the nicest, and the most affectionate and well-behaved in the world. But of course, we’re not the best judges, are we ?

    I think that we went further than we were supposed to. We passed San Francisco two hours ago. You drive faster than my friend Jeff. We are going to be there earlier. You should drive slower to let us take a look at the map.

    When we arrived at the California Hotel, I saw a strange woman in the street. She was wearing the bigger and the uglier hat I’ve ever seen. She also was taller than most of people.


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