Cours Expression écrite

Exercice - Rédiger un dialogue


Two people are just coming out of a movie.

Question 1

Imagine their conversation about the movie they just saw.

Here is an example of a dialogue.


Bill and Andrew were coming out of the movie room where they just saw “Life of Pi”.

 “So, what did you think of the movie?” Asked Bill.

 “It was fine, but I didn’t understand everything” Answered Andrew a bit bored

“Really? How was that?” Bill retorted.

“Well, you know, the dreaming part was out of the context, I didn’t like it because it made the story ever longer!” Explained Andrew.

 “Yes, it’s true that the movie was quiet long, but I really liked it though. I can’t imagine being on a boat with a tiger, that is just crazy! But what a beautiful creature, I can just admire this animal.” Admitted Bill.

 “You’re totally right, the tiger is incredible.” Said Andrew interested.

 “I was so nervous at the beginning of the story, when the boat crashes that I ate all the popcorn in like 10 minutes!” Shared Bill amused.

 “Yeah, I saw that! You were just scaring me!” Laughed Andrew.

 “I also think I saw a lot of symbols in the movie” Said added Bill.

 “Yes, that’s true. The tiger, in China, means the take of decisions,  and the film maker is Taiwanese” Explained Andrew.

“Whaou! I didn’t know that! I also noticed that the water was not a coincidence here in the movie, but was for me the symbol of purification” Answered Bill.

“Well, seems that the movie was quiet complete in fact. I can’t wait to come back to the cinema with you!” Declared Andrew.

“Me too! How about coming next week to see the new movie called Glass?” Asked Bill

“Count me in partner! I would love to see the suite of Split!” Confirmed Andrew