Cours Stage - Present perfect et past perfect
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Compléter les phrases avec la forme du present perfect qui convient.

Tu as obtenu le score de

Question 1

Someone (steal) my laptop.

have steal

has steal

has stolen

Someone has stolen my laptop.

Question 2

I (buy) two printers, and a modem.

have bought

I have bought two printers, and a modem.

have buy

has buy

Question 3

Karyn (write) a wonderful letter.

has written

Karyn has written a wonderful letter.

has wrote

have wrote

Question 4

Even (ever/you/be) to New York?

Have you ever be

Have you ever been

Have you ever been to New York ?

Has you ever been

Question 5

We (visit) Central Park.

have visited

We have visited Central Park.

have visiting

have visite

Question 6

I (not/finish) my homework yet.

have finished

haven't finished

I haven't finished my homework yet.

haven't finish

Question 7

Peter and Alise (live) in Moscow for six years.

has live

has lived

have lived

Peter and Alise have lived in Moscow for six years.

Question 8

(you/finish) your examination?

Did you have finished

Has you finished

Have you finished

Have you finished your examination?

Question 9

Prince (buy) a new computer.

has bought

Prince has bought a new computer.

have bought

have buying

Question 10

We (write) three essays this evening.

has written

have written

We have written three essays this evening.

have wrote