Cours Le plu perfect
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Read the sentence and choose the right answer. Be careful, there may be two right options.

Tu as obtenu le score de

Question 1

They ... to the party by car so I asked If they could give me a lift. 


had come

had came

The past participle of the verb "come" is "come". 

Question 2

That film was really scary, I ... something like that.

had never seen

had never saw

have never seen

Question 3

You said you ... sick last week. You lied!

have been

had being

had been

Question 4

By the age of three, she ... how to read.

had already learned

had already learnt

had already learn

Both "learned" and "learnt" are accepted as past participles of the verb "learn". 

Question 5

They ... their house would catch fire, so they didn't hire an insurance. 


haven't imagined

hadn't imagined

Question 6

We ... all the work when she arrived, so there was nothing left for her to do. 

had finished

have finished

had finish

Question 7

He told me he ... that way in years.

didn't feel

hadn't felt

hadn't feeled

Question 8

He felt sad because he ... the chance to say goodbye to her before she left. 

hadn't have

hasn't had

hadn't had