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Choose the right option. One or two answers may be right.

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Question 1

- Hi. Can I speak with Carl please?

- No, I'm afraid ... .

he's not still here.

he's not here yet.

he's not here still.

Remember: "yet" is mostly used in negative sentences like this one.

Question 2

- Have you finished your homework?

- No, ... .

I still haven't finished

I haven't yet finished.

I haven't finished yet.

In this case, there are two possible answers which have the same meaning. Just pay attention to where the adverb is placed.

Question 3

- Have you ever been to the US?

- No, ... .

No, yet not.

No, not yet.

No, not still. 

The right answer is "yet". Remember it is usually placed at the end of the sentence.

Question 4

... at the café? Wait for me, I'll be there in twenty minutes.

Are you yet

Still are you

Are you still

Question 5

... to visit her from time to time, even though we've grown apart. 

Yet I go

I go still

I still go

Remember:"still" is usually placed after the subject: "I still go to see her from time to time".

Question 6

... ! There's no way left to run. 

Stay yet!

Stay still!

Yet stay!

Pay attention to the meaning of "still" or "yet" in this case.

"Still" works as an adjective here. It means "not moving".

Question 7

When I got back to the house, ... in the same spot. He hadn't moved at all!

he was still sitting

he was yet sitting

still he was sitting

Question 8

- Have you told your mum about it?

- ... .

No, I haven't still told anyone.

No, I yet haven't told anyone.e

No, I haven't told anyone yet.

Question 9

He was very smart. ... get bad grades.

Yet he used to

He still used to

He used to yet

Be careful, in this case the meaning of the missing word is "cependant". 

"Yet" means cependant when it's at the beginning of the sentence.