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Exercice - Les formes de conditionnel 1


  • Question 1

    If you read this book, (you, to be) pleasantly surprised.

    The boss will be angry if (we, to be) late.

  • Question 2

    Mary (to discover) the solution if she reads the final chapter.

    I will pay Fred 100 euro if (he, to paint) my kitchen.

  • Question 3

    The captain (to lose) his job if the team doesn't win the match.

    If (you, not, to stop) complaining, I'll have to go.

  • Question 4

    Tom will not be disturbed if (we, not, to make) a lot of noise.

    You (not, to be) ready on time, if you don't hurry.


  • Question 5

    (you, to help) me with my bags, if I pay you?

    If (you, to pass) your exams, will you get a reward?

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