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Exercice - Les formes de conditionnel 2


  • Question 1

    If I had more time, (I, to teach) you how to play tennis.

    If (I, to meet) a rap star, I would ask for his/her autograph.

  • Question 2

    Fred (to be) rich if he won a million euro.

    Ibrahim would be very excited if (he, to find) a treasure.

  • Question 3

    The economy would fail if people (not, to work).

    People (not, to say) you were lazy if you won the marathon.

  • Question 4

    If (I, not, to have) any friends, I would join a club.

    (you, to sing) on TV if you were offered the chance?

  • Question 5

    Would you accept if the President (to ask) you to be a minister?

    (it, not, to be) great if everyone had enough to eat?

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